White Rabbits Story

White Rabbit is a personification or rather a rabbitification of all that is wise and good and knowing,  Many centuries ago White Rabbit lived in a Utopian world with a large and loving family. 

But gradually over the years his world fell into decline and what was once a paradise turned into a living hell, the whole of his planet was destroyed by the greed and ignorance of its own inhabitants. 


Cosmic White Rabbit

White Rabbit witnessed everything. All that he held dear and safe was stripped away piece by piece until nothing of his life was left. After the destruction of his world he sought out other existences on other planets, each one as meaningless and self destructive as the other, but he did not care he lived recklessly desperately trying to forget the past. Like the fools journey in the ancient Tarot, White Rabbits’ journey took him into the darkest places where he experienced unimaginable horrors, hellish scenes beyond our imagination played out before him.

 Finally he found himself at the feet of Satan himself. Satan had been expecting him and was waiting in anticipation. He was ready with a deal, an offer of eternal life in return for White Rabbits soul. White Rabbit wanted no part in Satan’s plan.

There was a spark of light within him which although dim was still shining somewhere deep inside and he rebuked Satan’s attempts to steal his soul.

 Satan was enraged and he cast White Rabbit further down into his evil abyss.
 Taunted, Tortured and starved, White Rabbit persevered and held onto the light within which grew steadily brighter giving him the strength to carry on. 

After a mighty battle against the evil forces he finally severed Satan’s hold on him for good and freed himself to became one with the divine Cosmic energy of all there is. 

His renaissance into the light enabled White Rabbit once again to see and feel the beauty and goodness in everything as he had done so many centuries ago as a leveret. He had finally laid his past to rest yet retained the lessons learnt along the way. 

He resides in the cosmos in many forms now and in many parallel universes. 
He can see everything that’s happening here on our earth plane and wants to do something about it. Our earth, Gaia, has now entered into a new Astrological age, the Age of Aquarius, the male dominated energies of Pisces are old and outmoded and the female energy of Gaia our planet is now the dominant force.

 The Universe is expanding and as the earth is spinning faster her energy is rising. White Rabbit knows that we as a race, (the human race not the animal kingdom) have to raise our own energy to keep up with Gaia’s energetic vibrations. 

He believes that the way to achieve this is by becoming more conscious and aware of our environment, by feeling our connection to ALL things sentient and non sentient and by learning about our role as both individuals and as an integral part of the cosmos.

  He also knows that if humanity fails to become more enlightened, Gaia will simply shake us off as easily as a dog shakes water off his back on a rainy day and we, like his own race might one day soon face extinction.

White Rabbit is here to show us who we really are and unlock the secrets of the universe to help us to earn our place on this magnificent planet Gaia. 

He has devised this game for us. The questions lay breadcrumbs on the route of cosmic knowledge. But don’t be over awed by any of this.
 White Rabbit has a great sense of fun, his game is far from boring. You will be amazed intrigued and amused, not only by the questions but by the answers you will come up with yourselves. 

Many of the clues are hidden in the beautiful illustrations on the board itself.
 By the end of the game you will know so much more about yourself your star signs and your ruling planets... as well as gaining a unique insight into the psyche of your opponents.

 White Rabbit hopes that « Eclipsed « will give you the thirst for more knowledge and the ambition to go deeper into Astrology and the mysteries that lie within.