Cosmic White Rabbit

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presents his exciting new Astrology games
Eclipsed and G​lyph.

Eclipsed - The Game

This exciting new game has the ingenuity of « Frustration » the compulsion of « Trivial Pursuits » and the visual elegance of « Dragonology ». What makes this game unique and outstanding is our very own White Rabbit who holds the secrets of the Cosmos and will teach his players throughout the game things about themselves and the universe that they thought they never knew, and once learnt can never forget.

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Glyph is a game of memory, intuition and wit. It consists of a set of 24 counters: 12 signs of the zodiac and their 12 ruling planets. The goal is to pair each sign with its planet, then secure the pair by adding their polar opposite to make a line of four. A sort of astrological pelmanism. Simple but brilliant. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the game, it has a twist and can send even the most knowledgeable astrologist back to zero in one swift move. Addictive and infuriating, White Rabbit invites you to become a fellow Glypher. 

Glyph the Game

Test your wit and memory
and learn the Sacred Signs of the Planets and the Zodiac

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